Prosecutor exposed by Alexander Lukashenko arrested
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Ex-prosecutor of Minsk region, Mikhail Snegir, who is charged with corrupt case has been arrested in Belorusia. An accusation is officially brought against him to abuse of power. Corresponding article ...

Siemens paid about ?1 milliard on bribery case
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The German concern Siemens will pay nearly ?1 milliard fine to the US and Germany authorities. Because the company representatives gave bribes to conclude a treaty. According to the decision ...

In Kyrgyzstan head of frontier post arrested for bribery
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In Batken region of Kyrgyzstan head of frontier post, “Fakel” was arrested. Before, local businessman appealed to the police, declaring that frontier guard demands $200 from him. Instead of that ...

50-60% inhabitants in Azerbaijan give bribes for solving their problems
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Interview of with executive director of Fond of Struggle against Corruption, Vasif Movsumov on state of struggle against corruption in Azerbaijan and results of their activity at the end ...

Ecuador president ready to resign
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Ecuador president Rafael Correa is ready to resign, if charge against his brother, who is accused of corruption is confirmed. “If it is proved that the government put pressure or ...

Guarantee of people’s loyalty in the country is right and justice judicial system
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Lawyer Aslan Ismayilov– During the last year I had to very often collide with cases, when our citizens under different pretences were denuded of their private properties, despite the fact ...

Spot-checks organized against pricing out salesmen before New Year
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In Minsk spot-checks have been organized by eliciting groundless price out facts on the eve of New Year. Administration specialists examine both retail trade objects and markets. A meeting is ...

Illinois governor arrested
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Governor of Illinois state, democrat Rod Blagojevich was arrested. He is accused of the attempt of getting money on appointing senator from Illinois. The empty place in the Senate of ...

Ex global financial crisis is due to greed and corruption
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General Secretary of UNO, Pan Gi Mun gave his view in the published message on celebrated International Day of Struggle against Corruption. ”Confidence in financial system is undermined. Honesty of ...

Damage from corruption in military installations in 2008
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Damage from corruption crimes committed by military men of RF in 2008 form 2.2 milliard roubles. It is more than 1400 crimes during 9 months. In comparison with last year, ...

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