Nigerian authorities accuse Dick Cheney of bribery
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Agency on combating corruption, Nigeria intends to bring charges against the former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in connection with the bribery scandal of one of the subsidiaries of the ...

Bribe-takers should be fined 100 times more than bribe
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Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev in his letter the Federal Assembly, has reacted to the most acute and painful problems for the Russian society concerning bribes and fraud in public procurement, ...

FIFA convene emergency meeting to discuss the corruption scandal
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The head of FIFA Sepp Blatter announced in Berlin to hold an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee to be held in Zurich, Switzerland.According to him, two days before FIFA’s ...

Congressman Rangel faces Public censure for hiding income
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U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics agreed to subject 80-year congressman from New York, Charles Rangel to public censure for financial and ethical violations.Democratic congressman with 40 years of ...

Jacques Chirac to stand trial for corruption
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Mr Chirac faces charges of abuse of public funds while he was mayor of Paris. It is alleged that he paid 21 allies for doing non-existent jobs as part of ...

Eight Californian officials stole millions of dollars from budget
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Eight current and ex high-ranked officials of California town Bell have been arrested on suspicion of corrupt activity. Among the arrested there are mayor and vice-mayor of the town. The ...

Corruption level doubled in 3 years in Afghanistan
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That is stated in the report of a non-profit research organization, Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA). The organization, founded in 2006, staffed by Afghan and international staff, monitors the level of ...

Former French President Jacques Chirac to buy off the court, paying 550 thousand euros
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Former French President Jacques Chirac will not stand trial on charges of embezzlement in the City Hall of Paris. The ex-president just to pay the City Hall 550 thousand euros, ...

Corruption breaks records in Russia
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Over the past 12 months the volume of corruption in Russia reached a record high. Corruption circulation forms nearly half, 50%, of Russian economy. Association of Russian Lawyers for Human ...

The militiamen were caught on a large bribe
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Employees of private security police department of St. Petersburg detained two inspectors, traffic police, which, according to preliminary data extorted bribes from drivers in the amount of 70,000 rubles. It’s ...

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