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December 2018
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‘ASAN xidmet ” has created major progress in the fighting against corruption,bribery

     We invest in new technologies and innovative projects. These projects serve the development of science, improve governance and at the same time prevent the still existing negative phenomena in society. I want to emphasize the opening of “ASAN xidmət” centers. There are already seven centers now. Over the course of two years they have received 3.5 million applications. The number of services provided is growing. Their quality is high and this is very positively perceived by society. Of the institutional projects against corruption and bribery carried out in recent years, “ASAN xidmət” is in the foreground, of course. Our experience is studied in other countries. We have purchased 10 new buses, so mobile services will be provided on an even larger geographical area. In other words, this service has brought about both novelty and comfort. It has also created a very serious watershed in the fight against corruption and bribery. Now there are even more opportunities for eliminating this scourge from a practical point of view. Besides, even more people treat these issues with optimism. We want everything in Azerbaijan to be done at the highest level. The elimination of negative trends in the social policy, economic development and governance will, of course, complete this beautiful picture. Work in this area is carried out in a consistent manner. We have a very strong political will. Our initiatives are supported by the people and our intentions already manifest themselves in life.



President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has chaired the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development in 2014 and objectives for 2015.